Sex Crimes

The most commonly accused types of sex crime in Florida include actions such as:

  • sexual battery;

  • child molestation;

  • rape;

  • statutory rape;

  • Internet sex offenses;

  • lewd conduct;

  • possession of child pornography; and

  • indecent exposure.

While the severity of the penalties you face if convicted correlate with the severity of the charges being held against you, any type of sex crime charge is a serious matter. Depending on whether your charges involve alleged sex crimes against a child, adult, or employee, or involve assault, battery, weapons, or drugs, you may face more severe penalties. Steep fines, lengthy prison or jail sentences, probation, and parole are all serious and life-altering. However, sex offender registration is perhaps the most daunting effect of a sex crime conviction because of its influence on a person's life beyond these other penalties. Sex offender registration influences where an individual lives, who hires them, what they can do, and where they can go.

Contact my office so that I can help you answer questions you may have such as:

  • do my charges qualify as a "sex crime";

  • am I facing a mandatory jail sentence;

  • will I be labeled a "sexual predator";

  • do I have to register as a "sex offender".